Miriam Press, Project Engineer

Ms. Press is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in environmental permitting, environmental and safety compliance and project/process engineering. Ms. Press has held responsible positions within the chemical manufacturing industry and as an environmental engineering consultant.

Ms. Press has experience working for industrial chemical manufacturing companies, at both batch process and continuous process facilities, and in the food manufacturing industry. She has provided compliance assistance for environmental, safety, DOT, FDA, TSCA, and total quality programs. She has held responsibilities in the following areas: Developing, documenting, and implementing compliance programs for new regulations; managing the ongoing implementation and improvement of existing compliance programs; developing and conducting training programs; leading and participating in compliance audits, outside processor audits, HAZOP studies, and accident and environmental incident investigations; overseeing and managing a property assessment program, prior to acquisition; participating in regulatory agency inspections and compliance negotiations; preparing Material Safety Data Sheets, including the development of a program to generate MSDS for a variety of batch products; preparing construction and operating permit applications for air pollution sources; preparing permit applications for wastewater discharge, NPDES discharge and hazardous waste operations; preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual environmental reports, including emissions inventory, EPCRA, wastewater, and hazardous waste; acting as a point person for community relations; and developing and implementing a written Total Quality Program.

Ms. Press used excellent communication, data management and analytical skills to perform the above activities successfully. She consistently worked to communicate requirements throughout all levels of an organization and to manage large amounts of data efficiently in order to meet necessary compliance and documentation requirements.

Ms. Press's consulting experiences include working with batch chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, bulk transportation facilities, cement and lime kilns, food and beverage producers, industrial equipment and parts manufacturers, metal processors, printing companies, and electricity producers to prepare construction permit applications for air pollution sources; prepare Title V operating permit applications; draft Title V operating permits for a state agency; develop environmental management plans such as SPCC and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans; prepare and implement environmental, safety, and DOT training programs; prepare environmental reports including Emissions Inventories, EPCRA Tier 2 and 313, annual and semi-annual Compliance Certifications, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual wastewater and NPDES discharge reports; develop and maintain compliance tracking tools; participate in Phase I property assessments; participate in and conduct environmental, safety, and DOT compliance audits and regulatory gap assessments; participate in regulatory agency audits and prepare follow-up responses; and prepare ODS compliance and tracking tools.

Ms. Press uses her industry experience to recommend and develop practical programs and solutions for our clients. She has applied her data management skills to develop and maintain custom environmental/process data management systems for clients to consolidate and use process and safety data for recordkeeping and reporting. These custom data management systems automate time-consuming environmental/safety tasks such as: air emission calculations, emission inventory reporting, EPCRA reporting, MSDS management, compliance deadlines, completed / outstanding items, and regulatory applicability and status.

Employment History

The following is a list of related professional experience that Ms. Press possesses.

Industrial Experience 
    Agency Negotiations
    Community Relations
    DOT Hazardous Materials Compliance Determination and Implementation
    Employee Training
    Environmental Compliance Determination and Implementation
    Environmental Report Preparation
    Hazardous Waste
    Safety Compliance Determination and Implementation
    Project Management
    Total Quality Program Development and Implementation
    Waste Minimization
    Water Permitting
Consulting Experience 
    DOT Hazardous Materials Auditing
    Air Permitting: Construction Permitting / Title V Permitting
    Clean Air Act Compliance Strategy Development
    Emission Inventory Development
    Hazardous Waste Permitting and Reporting
    Environmental Report Preparation (Compliance, Hazardous Waste, Emission Inventory, SARA, etc.)
    Environmental / Safety Data Management System Development
    Project Management
    Preparation of Written Environmental and Safety Compliance Programs
    Training Program Development and Presentation
    Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development

B.S. Chemical Engineering
    Washington University, Saint Louis, MO


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