Hastings Engineering, Inc. has completed projects dealing with a broad spectrum of environmental issues for many types of industries.  A list of representative projects are shown below.

Air Pollution Projects

  • Preparation of Title V Air Permit application for chemical resin manufacturing facility

  • Air pollution control technology assessment for world's largest coal gasification facility

  • Preparation of an emission inventory for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

  • Design of air pollution control system for grain terminal

  • PM-10 ambient air monitoring study

  • Design of ventilation system for pesticide manufacturing and electronics manufacturing operations

  •  Preparation of PSD Air Permit Application for cement manufacturing plant

  • Air permit compliance review and Title V Air Permit application for cement manufacturing plant

Water Pollution Projects
  • Preparation of SPCC Plan for coal fired and gas fired power

  • Preparation of NPDES permit application for three material transportation terminals

  • Study of wastewater flow for evaluation of economical options for printing facility

  • Preparation of storm water control plan for bakeries

  • Preparation of storm water control plan for plastic molding plant

  • Preparation of wastewater discharge permit application for plating facility

Compliance Projects

  • Environmental compliance audit for more than thirty bakeries

  • Environmental compliance audit for two fragrance and flavors manufacturing facilities

  • Environmental evaluation for new electronics equipment manufacturing. facility

  • Environmental compliance audit for aircraft parts manufacturing plant

  • Development of customized information management database for paint resin manufacturing facility

  • Preparation of EPCRA 312/313 annual reports for steel pickling facility

  • Negotiation of a practical visible emissions monitoring plan with regulators for a bulk materials terminal

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