Rancy Hastings, P.E. - President

Mr. Hastings is a licensed Professional Engineer with more than 26 years of experience specific to environmental compliance, environmental permitting, compliance, waste minimization and project and process environmental engineering.  Mr. Hastings has held responsible positions within a regulatory agency, the chemical manufacturing industry and as an engineering consultant. 

Prior to founding Hastings Engineering, Inc., Mr. Hastings was employed by Mallinckrodt Chemical, Inc. in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Within Mallinckrodt, he served as the Principal Safety and Environmental Engineer for the Medical Products Manufacturing Group.  In that capacity, Mr. Hastings had responsibility for environmental compliance, waste minimization, OSHA compliance and process safety for the contrast media production operations.  Mr. Hastings’ industrial experience also includes six years with Elf Atochem, at Elf’s mercaptan manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.  At Elf, he initially held a position responsible for environmental compliance, environmental permitting, and project and process engineering related to environmental issues.  He subsequently served in a role as the production manager of the facility for more than three years.  In that capacity, he was responsible for planning, scheduling, and supervision of the manufacturing activity for six production units, a sulfur recovery unit, and a hazardous waste incinerator. 

Mr. Hastings’ consulting experiences as a professional engineer include: preparation and successful negotiation of construction and operating permits for air pollution sources, enforcement negotiations, process design for waste handling and combustion facilities, ambient air pollution modeling, preparation of RCRA hazardous waste permits, industrial waste management permitting, air pollution control strategy development, property risk assessments, process safety reviews, and groundwater sampling.  Clients have included chemical manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, cement manufacturers, natural gas distributors, shoe manufacturers, coatings applicators, and trade associations. 

Mr. Hastings is an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Washington University in Saint Louis.  At Washington University, Mr. Hastings teaches a course in air pollution control equipment design and waste minimization.  Mr. Hastings has been affiliated with Washington University in that capacity since 1993. 

Mr. Hastings’ regulatory experience includes eight years with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the Air Pollution Control Program.  Within the Air Pollution Control Program, he initially held a position as an environmental engineer responsible for compliance inspections and development of enforcement cases.  As an environmental engineer, Mr. Hastings subsequently had responsibility for review of construction permit applications.  Mr. Hastings later held the position of Chief of Technical Support, in which he supervised the emission inventory, the ambient air quality monitoring and the ambient air quality modeling conducted by the state.  In his final position at the Air Pollution Control Program, Mr. Hastings was the Chief of Enforcement, with responsibility for supervision of all enforcement activity and construction permit issuance. 

The following is a list of related professional experience that Mr. Hastings possesses. 

Regulatory Experience

  • Chief of Enforcement-Missouri Air Pollution Control Program (Compliance and Permitting)
  • Air Monitoring & Ambient Air Modeling
  • Permit Engineer
  • Enforcement Engineer
Industrial Experience
  • Project Engineering
  • Production Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Air/Hazardous Waste/Waste Water Permitting
  • Waste Elimination/Minimization
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Process Safety
  • Environmental Auditor
  • Process Safety Auditor
Consulting Experience
  • Air Permitting
  • Preparation and Presentation of Regulatory Workshops
  • Title V Permitting
  • Clean Air Act Amendments
  • Emission Inventory
  • Process Safety Reviews
  • Process Design
  • Hazardous Waste Permitting
  • Ambient Air Pollution Modeling
  • Air Pollution Control System Design
  B.S. Chemical Engineering;
      University of Missouri – Columbia 
  M.S. Environmental Engineering
      Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago 

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