Rita Buechter, Project Engineer

Ms. Buechter is an Engineer with more than 15 years of experience specific to environmental compliance, environmental permitting, compliance, and project environmental engineering. Ms Buechter has held responsible positions within a regulatory agency and as an engineering consultant.

Prior to joining Hastings Engineering Inc., Ms Buechter was employed by Advance Environmental Associate, LLC (AEA) in Saint Louis, Missouri. While with AEA, she assisted a variety of industrial, institutional and government clients as an Environmental Engineer.

Ms. Buechter's consulting experiences include: preparation of construction and operating permits for air pollution sources, preparation of RCRA hazardous waste facility permit applications and closure plans, preparation of spill prevention control and countermeasure plans, preparation of stormwater pollution prevention plans, creating compliance data tracking systems, and preparation of annual and semi-annual reports. Clients have included electric utilities, industrial refrigeration manufacturers, mineral processing facilities, nuclear fuel rod manufacturing, municipal utilities, trucking companies, state agencies and educational institutions.

Ms. Buechter's regulatory experience includes five years with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality in both the Air Pollution Control and Hazardous Waste Management Divisions. Within the Air Pollution Control Program, she held a position as an Environmental Permitting Engineer. Initially, as a permitting engineer, Ms. Buechter had the responsibility for review of construction permit applications. Ms. Buechter later worked with a team in the development of the Title V operating permit program for the State of Oklahoma. She helped in development of the State Implementation Plan submittal, Title V permit application form development and the development of a General Permit for the Natural Gas Industry. Within the Hazardous Waste Management Division, she held the Position of Environmental Permitting Engineer, where she was responsible for inspecting and reviewing permit applications at hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities. As the permit review engineer, she took part in public meetings prior to the issuance of each permit.

Employment History

Consulting Experience

Air Permitting

  • Construction Permitting
  • Title V Permitting

Strom Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development

Oil Spill Prevention Plan Development

Annual and Semi-Annual Reporting

Hazardous Waste Permitting & Closure

Regulatory Experience

Environmental Permit Engineer - Oklahoma Air Pollution Control Division

Environmental Permit Engineer - Oklahoma Hazardous Watse Management Division

Preparation and Presentation of Regulatory Workshops on:

  • Title V Permitting
  • Clean Air Act Amendments
  • General Permits

Hazardous Watse TSD Inspections

Hazardous Watse Permitting

Air Quality Permitting

Groundwater Monitoring Well Sampling


B.S.Aerospace Engineering

  • Parks College - Saint Loius

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